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ALFATESTlab is the new reference for scientifically advanced characterization of dispersions (suspension and emulsions), powders and porous materials. ALFATESTlab offer to its customers all the experience of a highly qualified team supported by the applicative specialists and engineers of Alfatest, to ensure quality of results, professional and complete method development. [Read more]


Characterizations and measurements provided by AlfatestLab
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    Particle Analysis

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    Powders Analysis

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    Material Analysis

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    Dispersion Analysis

    Characterization of particle size distribution and charge (zeta potential), rheology, stability, but also techniques for stable dispersion production. [Read more]


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Contract Analysis

Our contract analysis can replicate your own existing method or provide a new analytical method development. In case of replication, customers must provide ALFATESTLab with all details on the existing method to be applied. [Read more]


Technical Trainings

Getting to know an instrument and all its resources, being able to interpret the results, understand what is the most productive use of it (quality of results, time and labor saving), and of course understand in detail the technique on which it is based, means to maximize its potential and achieve consistent quality results: all of these consequently become a guarantee of reliability and productivity of the work done.

For this purpose, AlfatestLab organizes  periodically and upon request, advanced trainings to meet the instruments users who want to improve and deepen their knowledge or keep it up to date. [Read more]

Scientific Seminars

ALFATESTLab team, in continuous collaboration with all the Alfatest specialists, and with the support of its partners (Malvern, Quantachrome, Formulaction Alpha MOS, PostNova, Phenom-World, Microfluidics), organizes and promotes regular seminars and workshops with the most qualified and experienced researchers from academia and industry to share experiences and knowledge on the different instrumental techniques and their applications.[Read more]


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